Official Kettle Corn Supplier to

Scotiabank Centre

Hfx Exhibition Centre

Wanders Grounds

What's In This Stuff?

Original Kettle Corn

Wheat Gluten, Peanut & Dairy Free 

Start with corn, are you concerned about nutrition?

Relax Miller’s Kettle Corn is actually healthier than most snack foods on the market. Low in Sugar, made with Sea Salt and only 2 points per 3 cup portion on Weight Watchers heck, we should call it Health Food. 

* Indicates Exception

NO Cholesterol

NO Trans Fats

                      NO Dairy Cheese           * Jalapeno 

   Cheddar         * White  

NO Peanut

NO Wheat Gluten

Original Kettle Corn

Wheat Gluten & Dairy Free

Allergic reactions are frightening and can be very serious. Finding wholesome and tasty alternatives can be tough in today’s marketplace. Miller's Gourmet Kettle Corn is wheat gluten, peanut and cholesterol free and is an excellent snack for individuals with wheat gluten or Dairy allergies.