Official Kettle Corn Supplier to

Scotiabank Centre

Hfx Exhibition Centre

Wanders Grounds

Our Holiday Colors were a Hit!

Our New Delivery Driver

Eastern Passage 

Pebbles Sweet & Salty

Gift Baskets

Cotton Candy

Mr. Arthur loves Our Glazed Roasted Products

This was a Special Day

New Mobile Graphics

With Kettlecorn You make Friends

Everyone wanted there own

Awesome Roasted Almonds & Pumpkin Seeds

Winter Wonderland Halifax Water Front

Santa pops in for Our Sweet & Salty



Popping for the Memorial Cup was a Blast

Fine Folks in the Dominican

love our Kettle Corn

Heart felt tribute set up

At Stanfield International

for The Family

Captain of the Schooner Kwai popped into our Stanfield location and shared an interesting adventure Tail

Supporting our New Franchise

Halifax Wanders

See you at the Games

Our New Banner


Scotiabank Centre

Supporting This Awesome Team Kettle Corn for an Amazing Trip

Todd & Trevor two of West Jet finest are our Club Seat Guest @ Halifax Mooseheads

Miller's Gourmet Almonds & Pumpkin Seeds launch


Bedford Earth Organic Market

The Wiggles at HEC

Mad Gringo is now in House

@ Stanfield

Jackie captured a Silver medal at the 2018 Special 

Olympics visited us @ Peggys Cove

Poppin & Roastin for International Match

 Big Popper

Big Bear visited us @ Hfx Buskers 2018

Poppin & Roastin at Westin NS supporting Make A Wish Rope For Hope 

We survived the Rib invasion and the Pig has left the Parking Lot

 but were still Poppin & Roastin

The Aussie Team landed Hfx Stanfield and visited us 

Peggys Cove Lighthouse for our Original Sweet & Salty 

They agree It's Not A Party Without Miller's

Meet Shamy from Alaska to find our Gourmet Kettle Corn

Thanks to the Team SeasideFM for the plug & kind 

comments about our Product while visiting The Kite Festival

Christ Church is 201 years old Today and we are Poppin 

& Roastin for there free Movie Night celebration Pop in 

and see ET one more time

All the way from Calgary Stampede Land and they voted 

our Original Gourmet Sweet & Salty Best in Class. THANK YOU

We have launched Juniper BBQ Scrapers in our Stanfield Airport location

It's Easy to make Friends when You bring them a Party 

Pack from Millers Corn

It's Not A Party Without Millers

Awesome view from our Popping & Roasting Mobile kudos to East Coast the Downtown is alive tonight.

It's Not A Party Without Millers

Popping up Gourmet Blue for The Team Alzheimer NS 

as they ramp up for the Big Walk on Sunday. Come out and 

cheer them on

Did you hear the one about the Belgian and 2 Brits that flew to Halifax via Hfx Stanfield and found they fell in Love with our Gourmet Original and followed Us Peggy's Cove for a second helping

It's Not A Party Without Millers

Our Cinnamon Crunch being shared by Brazil, Columbia, & Spain maybe we have created the solution to World Peace.

It's Not A Party Without Millers 

Early morning set up for The Brick Tent Sale

Didn't take long for the Merchandising Team @ Johnny 

Reid Concert to find Our Original Sweet & Salty at Scotiabank

The launch of Rudy's Hot Sauce

at our Halifax Stanfield Airport location

This Cheesy, Nutty, Sweet & Salty Team of Matt, Sara,

 Jenna & Callum at Scotiabank with Millers Corn enjoying 

our HFX Mooseheads

It's Not A Party Without Miller's

Kevin Popped into Stanfield International & picked up a 

pair of Moosehead Tickets

We bring Gourmet Nuts to Life

Cody found our Cotton Candy Kettle Corn

Judith was under a Mac attack at Scotiabank Mooseheads game

Our Club Seat guest at Scotiabank for Mooseheads

Congratulations to Mike Robart was in Club Seats for Moose Heads

Our Party Hamper Basket delivered to the Revolve Team

Bobby Mac enjoying a Fun Snack @

Hfx International Boat Show

The Boat Smart Team @

Hfx International Boat Show

Meet our Team @ Stanfield International





Judith & Christine @ Acadia Craft Expo

Don visiting from Connecticut

enjoying our Gourmet Corn at the Cove

Depew Family

Our Club seat guest

@ Mooseheads game

Hfx finest sharing

Miller's Gourmet Kettle Corn


Lite |The Night Fundraiser

Filiatreault Family

Our Club seat guest

@ Mooseheads game

All the way from Portugal to find

Miller's Gourmet Kettle Corn

@ Peggy's Cove

Our last sponsored Concert series @ Waverley on the Green f 2017 with Ian Sherwood

Amazing day


Halifax Waterfront

Malcolm enjoying the Bikes


Kentville Biker Blast

All the way from Japan for Kettle Corn

Food Truck 2017

We have thumbs up @ Port of Halifax Cruise Terminal 

Store visiting on the Maasdam today

Kevin & Patricia popped in @peggyscoveligh from Austin Texas stopping @HfxStanfield to pick up lobster and Kettle Corn for home

Jarek and Liz taking us from @HfxStanfield to Columbia wow we travel the World

Great day at Dartmouth Switch

Jeanne Becker pops into our Stanfield Halifax 

International Airport location to visit Judith

Visiting from Brazil popped into us

at Peggys Cove

Visiting from Bangladesh popped into us

at Peggys Cove

Proud to support Autism Aviators program

Tapped Craft Beer and everyone Pops In!

Tonights Drummer at craft beer fest getting warmed up with MGKC

@ Truro Tapped Craft Beer Fundraiser

Oliver popped into Miller's To Go @ Stanfield 

International for some Cotton Candy treats

Great working with the Team @RBC and HEC for the 

Eastern Front Theater fundraiser

Capt Robert Miller popped into our Miller's To Go at Stanfield for a flight treat

Arthur & Big Adventure started @ our Stanfield International location

Judith giving back at Wish NS Princess Tea and Superhero Party

Having a Princess Day @MillersCorn @eventspartnersgroup @ChildrensWishNS Princess Tea and Superhero Party

Popping at Cheer 2017 We Love the Spirit

Pop by our famous Peggys Cove for a Poppin Treat

From Korea to Peggys Cove for Miller's Gourmet Kettle Corn

We gave our friends @ChildrensWishNS 300 bags of MGKC to give away @FamilyConnectsX Princess Tea & Superheroes Party 

Niloy popped sample our Gourmet products @HfxStanfield and decided to take us back to Italy

Ronaldo from San Francisco to sample our Gourmet Nuts at Peggys Cove

From to Peggys Cove

thanks for in

Dal exam break @ Peggys Cove

We now have Pepper Head products on tap

at Stanfield International

@ International Pamela & Catherine popped in They are taking our Gourmet product to Newfoundland Toronto if there is any left

Marina @HfxStanfield taking us to Toronto her passengers are going to love her bringing treats @[email protected]

Katie hugging it up at Home Show

Terry meets the Bunny at Home Show

Bell snacking on our Gourmet Kettle Corn

Gillian from Neptune

enjoying our Roasted Almonds

Katie and the Bunny

Dee liking the Kettle Corn

Bell Working the MGKC booth at Home Show

From Halifax Stanfield International were off to Toronto and looking to make the Golf Channel with Jill

Mac popped in during Moose game for his Gourmet Kettle Corn & Roasted Almonds @ Scotiabank Centre

Great video shoot with Jason & Matt at Scotiabank Centre

Love our Pink Moose fans @ Scotiabank Centre Go Moose Go

From Stanfield International were off to Newfoundland

Gordon Pinsent visits with Judith at MILLER'S TO GO Halifax Stanfield location 

Mac at our Scotiabank Kiosk letting Judith know our Moose made the Playoffs

Our Gourmet Kettle Corn is off to Cuba

WWF legend Virgil popped by our Kiosk

at AOSRV show

Family time treats at the AOSRV show Halifax Exhibition Centre

Set up for the AOSRV

Judith & Wyatt launch the Organic Earth Market

Were Popping & Roasting and it's all coming together @hecns902 for & Powersports Atlantic

Sofia popped in to visit @[email protected] and is taking us out West 

We have the most dedicated Moosehead fans @scotiabank

Were the World from Halifax Stanfield International Airport. off to Japan with Zen and Friends

Our Club Seat Gracie Family & Friends


Halifax Mooseheads

Scotiabank Centre

Popped Roasted & Ready for UFC 


UFC Fight Night Scotiabank

Full House



UFC Fight Night

We Popped & Roasted for the

International Boat Show @ Halifax Exhibition Centre 

Our new display


Stanfield International Airport

We love our Roasted Nuts and Trail Mix

New product bag is a big hit

Almost finished the first bag of Original Sweet & Salty

Look who popped into our Stanfield International location

Denyse checking out the Stanfield International Airport location

Mark @TheStanfields checking our Jalapeño Cheese for to Germany

Our Gourmet Kettle Corn is off to Toronto 

Our Club Seat guest at Scotiabank Centre

Sonja with her Dad Bruno

Our Donair Kettle Corn

Our Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

MGKC sighting at Santa Monica Pier

Trailer Park Crew popped into Miller's To Go for flight snacks Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Picking up flight snacks from Miller's To Go at Halifax Stanfield International on way to Vegas

Leanne Junnila North American Two Wheel Champion popped in for a snack at Miller's To Go at Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Meet Alex and Allie our club seat guest

at Scotiabank Centre for HFX Mooseheads 

Popping Elf serving up Gourmet Fudge at Miller's To Go Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Visiting with Popping Elf before departing for Kuwait

Popping Elf watching TV at Miller's To Go Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Evelyn chatting up Popping Elf

@ Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Popping Elf working the front entrance @ Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Popping Elf Dancing on the ceiling @ Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

 CTV Morning Live with Cyril Lunney 

Our Santa Tin made the

Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Tiffany & Meagan popped visit our Popping Elf

@ Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Adriana with our Popping Elf @ Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Pat hanging with Popping Elf @ Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Sampling It Up @ Miller's To Go

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Christmas at The Forum Show

Popped by during Marianna Trench Concert

Liam picking up our Old Fashion Pink at Dartmouth Craft Guild

Katie serving up MGKC at Xmas Craft Show

Supporting Grand opening at

Train Yard General Store

Jeremy arrived from Connecticut dressed as  

Our Club Seat guest @ Scotiabank

Kilted Chef handing out samples with MGKC at Atlantic Fall Fair

Rosie is checking out of Atlantic Fall Fair with some MGKC

East Coast Lifestyle Team picked up MGKC at Ideal Home Show

Rose from Rosies Family Face Painting enjoying our Gourmet Sweet & Salty

Ideal Home Show set up 2016

Garrison Boys enjoying our Club Seats at Scotiabank Mooseheads game

Supporting Cuts for Cancer Fundraiser

Beaumont Team popped into Chamber of Commerce Social at Nutrilawn to pick up some MGKC

Oktoberfest with Garrison was a Blast

Visit us at Cruise Terminal

Rivka & Dani from Australia popped by to visit @portofhalifax today on world tour @My_Waterfront

Alexis is set with our Gourmet Kettle Corn & Cotton Candy @wharfratral fireworks 

Wharf Rat Rally 2016

Great crowd as we Popped it Up for Rascal Flatts

for Ellie Black Olympic celebration

@ Halifax Library

Festival Of Lights

Enfield Farmers Market

Meet the wonderful Baksh family that the Grandeur today

Jake from Missouri discovered MGKC Jalapeño Cheese @

Tim's Folk Love MGKC

Antique Auto Show Halifax Exhibition Centre

Acadian Team Day

Ribfest 2016